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Title:Toast Maisie Peters
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Date:14 March 2016
Duration:3:23 Min
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User:Maisie Peters

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Heyyy gang!

Here’s a music video I filmed with my lovely friends Zannah and Scarlet for my original song Toast – I really hope you enjoy it!

HUGE thanks to Zannah for directing, producing and editing this bad boy; she is insanely talented and this wouldn’t have been possible without her so muchas gracias!

Zannah’s links!
Youtube: …

Also big thanks to Scarlet my London gal for becoming my impromptu fake boyfriend and for bringing the highest amount of banter I’ve seen yet. ALSO huge thanks to the Checklands for letting us use their beautiful kitchen for the morning and wreck it in the name of Art.

Scarlet’s links!

Thank you to Riley MacIntyre for engineering this song with me and making it sound as super cool as it does!

Finally thank you to all you guys for watching, and for getting me to almost 5400 subscribers! Honestly I’m continually astounded and awed by your support and it is just beautifully mental that there are now 5000 of you xxx YOU ALL ROCK BIG TIME

So yeah thank you for watching and don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, breathe, sleep, eat your greens.

Lots of love

Maisie xoxo


Capo 1 (I think!)

Normal vers-y bits: C Em Am F x2
C E Am F Fm C C/B Am F G (in that slightly varying order)

Angry end bit ‘Not even good at making toast…’: F G C C/B Am F G C/B Am F G



I can’t promise you anything
There’s nothing to give that you don’t have
If I could I’d promise you everything
But I’m not sure how much good there is in that
Maybe one day when I’m famous, I’ll buy a private jet
And we can fly to where the rain don’t reach the ground
Or maybe we could just get older and we’ll watch the sun turn colder
And I’ll make you Toast when you say you’re feeling down

I can’t promise you anything
There’s nothing in this world you couldn’t get
And I bet that when the sun explodes
You’ll find a way to argue with the dead
Coz you’re far to god damn beautiful to fade into the dirt
So you will build us both a mud hut to shelter from the worst of this
Unrelenting heat and I’ll make Toast over fires when we’re
Running out of plant life left to eat

Whistlez squared

I can’t promise you anything
Guess I’m just a little small to fill your thoughts
Even if I swear by the words I sing
Even if I make you Toast forever more
Well you’ll still grow into a someone with a mortgage and a wife
Maybe she’ll be called Rebecca she’s the Love Of Your Life
And you’ll have three kids and a garden and I’ll still just be a three out of ten
And in the e-e-end
You’ll fall for those like Becca and I’ll just become another facebook friend

Not even good at making Toast no
It’s always burnt
And I won’t ever be your most
Oh I just never learn
Yeah I always burn my Toast
And I will always have stuff to work through
So I’m not worth you in any wo-o-orld
But I’ll make you Toast for now and evermore
And wait til you get bored of just warm bread

Even more whistlezz

P.s I make NO claim to be an actress in any shape or form, but I had a brilliant time pretending to be one which I think is really all that matters at the end of the day

p.p.s everyone makes breakfast wearing full face makeup pffft what u on about x

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